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Veessoppe – VSO Publishing LLC


Drink Up!!! Cover for song single


Veessoppe is an artist who refuses to restrict himself to one form of expression helps to make him quite an artist. His love for rap music started in the early 80’s from artists like KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, MC Lyte, L.L. Cool J, N.W.A., and a myriad of other talented pioneers. These influences helped craft his talent for writing poems that could be dictated over a steady beat, touching on subjects such as the social ills in Black America. His shyness kept him reserved in sharing his talents, until his English teacher invited him to perform a poem he wrote for his class in a Black History Month celebration. This gave Veessoppe his first chance to perform his skills aloud. It was his college years at where he studied Communications, and Fine Arts where he honed in on his craft for electronic music production. He has received recognition from his university in his poetic abilities and production.
Veessoppe’s respect for the music industry’s top dogs help him to realize what the competition calls for. Veessoppe is an amalgam of a thug emcee, a multi millionaire, and a neo soul poet character; dominate images and elements throughout the industry today. He appreciates these elements when placed into song that give birth to the kind and flourishing imaginations of the listeners of today’s music. Veessoppe got his rap name from the acronym V.S.O.P. which was interpreted to have many meanings (Vicious Styles Over Percussions, and Very Steady On the Periscope to name a few). Veessoppe took each meaning and developed a persona behind them in his rap style. Veessoppe has achieved the point where he is ready to move into the professional ranks for his first love of writing and rapping.
His independently released solo demo CD, The Akronihm, has a mix of continuous rapid fire vocabulary and breathless delivery. Thank You To The Streets, signed Veessoppe, a bootlegged version is a 6 track heavy handed version of Veessoppe’s everchanging complex and charismatic approach to rap music. Each song is rapped over instrumentals already made popular from artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Snoop Dogg. These projects give more of a commercial appeal to where Veessoppe has no difficulty fulfilling that needed void in his rap career. The single, “Drink Up,” was the first commercially released single on his own publishing company/imprint, VSO Publishing LLC. Veessoppe has also published 4 books of poems entitled “Free Verses And Deep Wording A First Book of Poems,” “Read Them And Weep A Heart’s Cry,” “To Kill A Man Without A Weapon,” and “The Rap Chapters: 1996 To Infinity Written & Recorded.” These books of free verse poetry are influenced by Veessoppe’s upbringings and experiences that he records by writing. The music and books of Veessoppe are available for sale through all major on-line music stores, on-line book stores, and regional markets.