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Catalogue – VSO Publishing LLC


Here is a list of our completed projects:


  • “The Akronihm, Vol. 2; The Many Meanings Behind the Name” (album, Veessoppe, 2000)
  • “Drink Up!!!” (single, Veessoppe, 2004)
  • “VSO Publishing LLC Presents, The Instruments Vol. 1” (instrumental album, Veessoppe, 2016)
  • “Ounces (The Soundtrack, Season 1)” (compilation, Various Artists, 2018)


  • “Free Verses And Deep Wording, A First Book of Poems” (poetry, Veessoppe, 2003)
  • “Read Them and Weep, A Heart’s Cry” (poetry, Veessoppe, 2005)
  • “To Kill A Man Without A Weapon” (poetry, Veessoppe, 2008)
  • “The Rap Chapters (poetry, Veessoppe, 2012)
  • “VSO Publishing LLC Presents, Entertainment Industry Contracts and Agreements, Vol. 1” (business eBook, 2018/Paperback, 2020)


  • “Ounces” (scripted web series, 2018)