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Drink Up!!!” by Veessoppe – Available NOW!!!

The Instrumentals” by VSO Publishing LLC – Available NOW!!!

Ounces (The Soundtrack, Season 1)” by Various Artists – Available NOW!!!


Entertainment Contracts & Agreements Vol. 1” Paperback Available NOW!!!

Free Verses and Deep Wording; A First Book of Poems” by Veessoppe – OUT OF PRINT

To Kill A Man Without A Weapon; The Attack on the Black Man’s Pride” by Veessoppe – OUT OF PRINT

Read Them And Weep, A Heart’s Cry; The Paper as my Tissue, and The Ink as My Tears” by Veessoppe – OUT OF PRINT

The Rap Chapters; 1996 to Infinity Written & Recorded” by Veessoppe – Available NOW!!!

VSO Publishing LLC Presents: Industry Contracts and Agreements” – Available On-Line NOW!!!

“Veessoppe is D3@d; an Anthology” Book by Veessoppe – Summer 2020

“No Dinner” Book by Granville Thomaston – TBD

“Juquon Helps Out” Book by Granville Thomaston – TBD

“Be Afraid To Come Back” Book by Veessoppe – TBD

“God an ‘Ting” – Book by Veessoppe – TBD

”Best Friends Become Strangers” Book by H. M. Allen – TBD